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Welcome to Sipotech Light Private Ltd.

The construction business is accelerating with distinctive colours in India. By adopting modern technology, its advancement has unquestionably augmented the standard of living of the people. The pace is rolling over day by day with the inclusion of newer techniques helping us to get more out of just building four walls

The traditional usage of bricks has become passé and the invention of “Sipolte” AAC Blocks, available in various sizes, has taken over the course of construction industry recently. Also, the design of the AAC block, which is environmental friendly, has attracted masses.

Keeping abreast with the latest technology, Sipotech light Private Ltd. has brought up a new way in this customary cycle of construction. “Sipolite AAC Blocks & “Sipobond” (Thin Bed Dry Mortar), products which are now swiftly making the old fashioned use of the red clay bricks or cement bricks & “Sipobond” Jointing Mortar replace of mixture of sand and cement leave behind the times.

Our “Sipolite” & Sipobond” is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is prepared by using international testing and Indian standards, material standards, which gives high-performance results. It is based on the characteristics of the AAC Blocks and the dry masonry thin bed mortar. This perfect preparation, therefore, has excellent workability, high water-retention, best mechanical properties and best construction properties. In “Sipobond” Just a small amount of prescribed water into our mixture is what it takes for the mason to free up his time. Our product cures rapidly and hard resulting in rigid aggregate structure. All these blends of properties of our product alone can perfectly bind AAC blocks and also can fill and seal the gaps easily.

In our endeavor to present the product, we are very much confident that our “Sipolite” AAC Blocks & “Sipobond”(Thin Bed Dry Mortar) shall also build a strong, healthy and a long lasting bond between us.


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