Sipobond - Thin Bed Dry Mortar

Sipobond - Thin Bed Dry Mortar Introduction

Thin Bed Dry Mortar is high strength, Pre-Mixed, quality assured mortar as per ASTM –C-1660-P10. It is specially formulated which does not required post curing and easily applied, giving better bonding with higher air entraining properties.

”Sipobond” Thin Bed Dry Mortar is a masonry mortar for use in laying various types of fly ash brick, concrete bricks/blocks and Autoclaved Areated Concrete (AAC Blocks).

It replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18mm thickness with highly versatile 3-4mm thickness mortar.

Area of Applications

  • To joint Fly Ash Bricks , Cement Bricks, AAC Blocks etc.
  • Jointing of cement windows and door frames.
  • Garden & Compound walls.
  • Repairing of masonry wall.


Allows for construction laying and takes less time for setting than conventional mortar. Due to single product usage, space and inventory of material is very low.
No wastage from material handling. Constructed with “Sipobond” (Thin Bed Dry Mortar) is airtight giving better thermal and sound insulation. It doesn’t cause damage to our eco system. Which are designed to minimize waste and maximize
Workability / work instruction & Preparation:
It is specially formulated which not required curing ( Self Curing Material) & High flexible.

No shrinkage cracks in wall Reduced construction timelines by using Sipobond leads to reduction in direct cost of labour and overhead costs.

Sipobond provide for better adhesion, stability and durability.
Apply the homogeneous paste uniformly 3-4mm bed on horizontal and vertical ends of AAC block by checking line and level for uniform thickness.

Firmly press the blocks for initial bonding and clean the excess material if any.
Product Mixing & Usages:
- Add clean (potable) water (approx.10±5)slowly in dry mortar for paste formation.
- Don’t extra water once mortar paste is prepared to extend pot life.
- Mixing to be done homogenously.
- After proper mixing, leave the paste approx. 8-10 minutes before application.
- The paste should be kept away from direct sunlight
Safety and Health:
Keep away from children and store in dry place.
In case of eye contact ,wash it with clean water, seek medical advice.
Wash hands before eating food.
Coverage, Packing and Shelf Life:
Approx 120-140 sq.ft. / 40 kg bag @3-4mm thickness.(100mm “Sipolite”AAC Block).
Packing is available in 40 Kg.
6 Months in dry unopened bag (Storage in dry place).

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