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Sipotech Light Private Ltd. is a well recognized company concerned with manufacturers & suppliers of a complete assortment of AAC Plant, AAC Block Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers, AAC Machinery, AAC Brick Making Machine, CLC Plant, CLC Block Plant, CLC Machinery, CLC Brick Making Machine, Automatic CLC Plant, Automatic AAC Plant, Semi Auto CLC Plant, Semi Auto AAC Plant, and so on.

The Green Life

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The Most essential components of human life are clean Air, Water, Health & Energy. Increasing pollution day by day due to industrial wastes, deforestation, energy consumption, High C02 emissions, land degradation, soil erosion is causing global warming. If it continues like no one earth will be alive. This is our need to come to stop or reduce these wastes. A recent study found that people who had fresh environment felt less anxious and negative. They were happier, and had more enthusiasm and energy at work too. Switch to eco-friendly energy, use energy –efficient building product.

Our Flagship Products: Sipolite & Sipobond

Our “Sipolite” & "Sipobond” is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is prepared by using international testing and Indian standards, material standards, which gives high-performance results. It is based on the characteristics of the AAC Blocks and the dry masonry thin bed mortar. This perfect preparation, therefore, has excellent workability, high water-retention, best mechanical properties and best construction properties. In “Sipobond” Just a small amount of prescribed water into our mixture is what it takes for the mason to free up his time. Our product cures rapidly and hard resulting in rigid aggregate structure. All these blends of properties of our product alone can perfectly bind AAC blocks and also can fill and seal the gaps easily.
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